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    The company's foundations reach as far back as 1859. Charles Searle, a British immigrant and resident toll-keeper of the picturesque hamlet in Great Brak River, began manufacturing traditional leather "veldschoens" for the pioneering travellers along the Southern Cape coast. Through the years, the knowledge and expert skills have been developed and nurtured into the sustainable manufacturer that you know as Watson Shoes.

    To remain a sustainable business and maintain the manufacturing quality which fairly rewards all stakeholders, commensurate with their respective interests and contributions, Watson Shoes meet the needs of the markets, with quality and value-for-money footwear product and superior service.

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    • 1 Station Road, Great Brak River, South Africa, 6525
    • info@watson-shoes.co.za
    • +27 (0) 44 620 2121

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